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    There goes the neighborhood !

Southbridge residents ... you have a choice ...

A Beautiful Community ?

Or a Big Blue Box ?

It's up to you!

Guess who wants to move into Southbridge?  Read about it in The Potomac News at:

Wal-Mart plans Dumfries store - Potomac News Online

Our reasons against Wal-Mart located at: Reasons

To keep up with the latest developments, go to: News & Commentary

NOTE:  If you want to fight this, let us know at:  dittinc@yahoo.com and check out our new SPECIAL OPERATIONS (SPECOPS) page!

Printable Petition (Word Format)

We also now have an electronic petition you sign at:  No Wal-Mart in Southbridge, VA Petition

So far, we have over 483 area residents sign our petitions!

    (After signing the petition, please mail it to:  DITTINC, PO Box 163, Dumfries, VA 22026)

If you want to make your views known to local leaders, Legend Properties and Wal-Mart, we have the their addresses and other information at:  Letter WritingWe also have samples now for your convenience!